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Turn Signals
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Posted by: papasmurf @ 10:00 pm

Even though it deserves to be ranted on, I normally wouldn’t rant about this, except that it happened twice today at two different intersections. I’m waiting at a stop sign to turn left onto a busy road that has no stop sign at that intersection. I can’t go because someone is approaching from the left. "Hurry up!" I think to myself. They slow down. What?!? Then, eventually it becomes clear that they are turning right onto my street. I’ve been wasting the last 10 seconds when I could have gone already if only I had paid ESP instead of trying to rely on their turn signal, which they didn’t bother to use. Sure, 10 seconds isn’t much. I mean if it happens only twice a day, that’s only 72 hours over an average lifetime of waiting for someone who couldn’t spare a quarter of a second to flick on their turn signal. It would be a real shame if someone was to rear end them when they slowed down for no apparent reason.

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Award Shows
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Posted by: papasmurf @ 9:36 pm

I am sick of all of the award shows on TV. Screen Actors Guild Awards, Academy Awards, Oscar’s, Grammies, People’s Choice. It’s not enough that we have to pay these people millions of dollars for being in a movie, or coming out with a new album, or whatever, then we also have to have an award show to heap praise on them and give them even more attention? Why not give award shows for people who deserve it, like doctors, firemen, computer programmers, heck anyone who is outstanding in his/her field. Actors and musicians get enough reward in their millions of dollars.

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Moderation Policy
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Posted by: papasmurf @ 11:08 am

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First post
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Posted by: papasmurf @ 5:01 pm

This is the first post on the blog account for Tomko Consulting, Incorporated. The opinions expressed in this blog are not indicative of the opinions of Tomko Consulting, Incorporated or of the the officers and shareholders of the company. Articles and opinions shared here may have been anonymously posted by employees of Tomko Consulting, or by other persons who have been granted access to post.

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